Participation in Enlit 2023

Shaping Energy Innovation: Enlit Europe 2023 We are experiencing a global era of change and transformation in the energy sector, and we participated in Enlit Europe 2023 to be part of this change and to exchange views on the latest developments, innovations, and opportunities in the industry. Enlit Europe provides an excellent platform to explore […]

Customer Visit

Recently, our company hosted an exciting guest: Çorumgaz! Our customer has visited us to see our gas meter production process closely and to understand our operation much better. This was a quite valuable and instructive visit for both us and our customer Çorumgaz. During the visit, we shared information about our production process and forged […]

About Natek Enerji

Natek Enerji designs, develops, manufactures residential natural gas meters, has partnership and collaboration with leading Industrial Metering manufacturers. Natek has been founded by professionals experienced in Metering systems and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Natek’s products include Residential Diaphragm Meters, Smart Meters, Rotary Meters, Turbine Meters, and Ultrasonic Meters. Natek products have quality and conformity […]