0,025 m3/h – 10 m3/h

Our test banks, designed for testing diaphragm meters, are widely used by gas meter manufacturers, gas distributors, and metrology laboratories worldwide. They are fully customizable and equipped with pressure and temperature probes, each with an adjustable and automated operation station for testing 2, 3, 6, or 12 meters of different types (MUT). Calibration can be easily performed within flow rates ranging from 0.025 to 10 m3/h.

All temperature and pressure probes mounted on the bench are calibrated by accredited calibration laboratories. Each station is equipped with a differential pressure transducer. For gas meters with a Qmax of 6 [m3/h], the pressure drop is 2 [hPa].

The test bank is equipped with user-specific software. The software is located in the PLC. All test procedures are controlled and automatically executed by the PC. Test results can be recorded and printed.