About Us

Natek Enerji is here to exceed your expectations with its deep experience and strategic partners.

Advanced Natural Gas Measurement Solutions

Founded in 2009 by experienced engineers in the field, Natek Enerji set out with the mission of developing high-tech domestic products in the natural gas meter sector. In 2011, we entered the domestic market with our Residential Type Diaphragm Natural Gas Meters (G4), which were entirely our design and production.

A Growing Power in the Sector

Each year, we have increased our market share and solidified our position among the leading manufacturers in the sector. Our commitment to innovation has been further strengthened by the AG4 TC model, developed through our TÜBİTAK-supported project for the Temperature Compensation Mechanism Diaphragm Type G4 Natural Gas Meter. We continue to maintain our position as a net exporter by exporting more than half of our production.

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Smart Meter and Valve Solutions

Through strategic partnerships, we have added smart meters and valves to our product range, further enhancing our technological footprint and market adaptability.

R&D and New Market Access

Natek Enerji continues its research and development activities to expand its product portfolio, improve product performance, and access new markets.

Global Collaborations and Wide Product Range

In addition to the production of residential meters, Natek Energy, in collaboration with its partners, also produces and sells certain models of industrial natural gas meters domestically.

Our Team

Our team consists of creative professionals who are experts in their fields and have extensive experience in the sector. We operate with a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of discrimination, supporting our female employees' careers by providing equal opportunities in line with the principle of gender equality.

Quality and Compliance

Natek Enerji applies the strictest quality control standards at every stage of the production process, and the meters are sold with 100% calibration. We hold product design and production approval quality certificates from authorized institutions in Europe.