The FMT-Lx turbine gas meter is an extremely precise flow meter for various gas types with operating pressures up to 100 bar (1440 psi) (MID approved for legal use by NMi). The integrated flow regulator reduces the need for straight upstream piping to 0 x D.

The FMT-Lx series turbine meters are designed to perform at the highest level of accuracy. The meters comply with all international standards and are approved for legal measurement. The actual flow sensor is a replaceable cartridge with an internal multi-stage flow regulator, allowing the meter to be installed without straight inlet and outlet sections. All these meters are tested and approved through perturbation tests conducted according to international standards.

The cartridge can be pre-calibrated under both low and high-pressure conditions and then replaced on-site. The cartridge is supported within O-rings and isolated from the body, so it is not affected by any forces on the casing. The short-length cartridge allows larger cartridges to be used in the meter body. The approved maximum capacities of these meters are extremely high and comparable to ultrasonic meters’ capacities.

To reduce transportation costs, optimize corrosion protection, and increase transportation safety, the FMT-Lx series turbine meters up to size 6’’ (DN150) are also available with low-weight aluminum meter bodies.

The FMT-Lx turbine meters operate by measuring the speed of the gas. The flowing gas is accelerated and regulated by an integrated multi-stage flow regulator. The multi-stage flow regulator prepares the gas flow profile by eliminating unwanted turbulence and asymmetries before the freely rotating turbine wheel.

The dynamic forces of the flowing gas turn the rotor. The turbine wheel is mounted on the main shaft with high-precision, low-friction ball bearings. The turbine wheel has helical blades at a specific angle to the gas flow. The gas flow turns the turbine wheel at an angular speed proportional to the gas velocity. Using a gear mechanism, the rotating turbine wheel drives the mechanical counter.

Standard FMT-Lx turbine meters are suitable for legal measurement of all non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen, hydrogen at low and high operating pressures. Special constructions can be provided for extreme conditions such as high temperatures or corrosive gases. The FMT-Lx can perform as a master meter or transfer master meter.