Test Installations FMTB

The FMTB test bench series are compact test benches using air under atmospheric conditions. The test bench is designed to calibrate to a high level of accuracy in the shortest possible test time.

The FMTB is equipped with high quality sensors and instruments whose measurement results are traceable to international standards. The FMTB series units are fully automated and by reducing thermal expansion effects, the smart control makes it possible to calibrate meters in a very short time. Using a multi-channel data analyzer with built-in clock it is possible to sample and collect data with a very high accuracy. The Flow setting is performed over a frequency regulated blower in combination with regulation valves that enable fast and accurate flow regulation over a wide range at any set point. The FMTB is pre-calibrated by FMG and ready for use. It is suitable for calibration of diaphragm meters, rotary gas meters, turbine gas meters and ultrasonic gas meters. The smart design, self-diagnostics and use of high quality components ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Remote operation using the internet makes service and support by FMG easy.

The user-friendly software enables flexibility in operation. Password protection and several user levels provide security of all important data and settings.  Clear screens and  the menu structure make it easy to set up the test models and operate the test bench. All necessary data is visible during the test. Former test results, stored in the database, are accessible via a built-in browser. The data can be printed directly or exported in several formats such as pdf, xls, rtf, xps, html and csv.


The FMTB series works in a unique way. Using digital signal processing with a sample rate of 250 KHz it permits a start/stop time measurement on any pulse transition for both the Meter Under Test and the reference meters. In this way a stream of test data is collected and analyzed in a short time producing reliable values. Because of the short test time, the result is not influenced by changes of environmental condition such as thermal expansion due to temperature changes. The large amount of data in combination with smart algorithms make it possible to calculate average values and filter out unreliable measurements.

The complete system is operated by a small but powerful computer in combination with a bus system for controlling all analog and digital in- and outputs. In the sensor box it is possible to sample 4 pulse outputs of the Meter Under Test simultaneously. A silencer is used to overcome interaction or interference between the Meter Under Test (especially rotary gas meters) and the reference meters. High-end replaceable dust filters protect the reference meters from pollution. The reference meters are specially designed and manufactured to guarantee the highest accuracy and best performance.


The FMTB series is suitable for testing several meter types in a large flow range. This makes the FMTB series attractive for manufacturers of gas meters and test laboratories, and also for companies with many field installed gas meters that have to be checked periodically. The compact design makes it possible to place the test bench in a small area. Due to the small volume of the FMTB and short test times the line pack effect (thermal expansion of the volume between the Meter Under Test and the reference meters during the test) is reduced to a minimum.